1. What is ReviewPanda? 

ReviewPanda is the new Review Management solution built on Highlevel.  Our original Review Management Snapshot (referred to as V1) was built closely on top of Highlevel, but that came with some limitations.  

With ReviewPanda, we built our own application giving us more flexibility and control.

  1. How can I get access to ReviewPanda?

If you currently own the original Review Management Snapshot, you will be eligible to get access to the new review management solution called ReviewPanda, for free.  

To qualify for the free upgrade, we simply ask that you leave us a Video testimonial using ReviewPanda. https://review.ghlexperts.com/videoreviews123   

After leaving a review, our team will issue a new license key and you will be able to access this in your GHLExperts members page. Navigate to the ReviewPanda menu item under resources.

If you run into any issues, please submit a support ticket here where a rep will review asap: 


Please DO NOT: 

  • Send us a DM (especially do not DM all of us, yikes!) 

  • Create a new post in the FB group about your specific issue 

  1. Do I get access to ReviewPanda if I am a VIP or Expert member?
    As of January 31, 2021, all Expert members are grandfathered in and will also be eligible for the upgrade to ReviewPanda.  As of February 1st, 2021, Experts membership level will be provided access to the current Review Management Snapshot (V1) only.  Upgrading to the ReviewPanda platform will incur an additional monthly fee.  

If you are a VIP member, you were eligible for a discount to purchase the original review management snapshot.  

  1. I bought the original Review Management Snapshot, but didn’t use it yet?  What do I review?

If you have not had the opportunity to use the original Review Management snapshot, you can simply provide a stellar review about GHL Experts.  

  1. How much will ReviewPanda cost? 

If you already have purchased the original Review Management snapshot, you will be grandfathered in to the new ReviewPanda Snapshot.  

For new customers, it will be $99/month.

  1. What is datashake and why do I need it? 

Similar to how you connect with Twilio for SMS, and Mailgun for email relay, if you want to have connectivity to 60+ review sites, and get the latest reviews, you will need to purchase datashake credits.

  1. How are datashake credits calculated? 

Datashake offers two type of pricing plans.  Pay-as-you-go and Monthly pricing.  You can see more information here:

To get started, simply setup with the pay as you go for $12 and you will get 10,000 credits.

How are credits calculated?


Let's use a Facebook profile as an example:

  1. You add the profile today and it has 10 reviews: you will be charged 20 credits for that job (10 base fee + 10 for reviews).

  2. If you add that same profile tomorrow and it has 0 new reviews: you will be charged 10 credits for that job (10 base fee + 0 for reviews)


To summarize.

  1. 10 credits will be consumed each time you call out to a review site.

  2. 1 credit will be consumed for each new review that is returned.


Let’s run through an example

Suppose you have a new client that has Google and Facebook reviews and they have 200 reviews to start and they get 2 new reviews per day. 


Day 1: 10 credits + 200 credits will be consumed

Day 2 - 30: 10 credits + 2 credits = 12 credits/day

Total Credits Used: 548 credits


Suppose you have 20 clients now

Day 1: 10 credits * 20 + 200 credits * 20  will be consumed

Day 2 - 30: 10 credits + 2 credits = 12 credits/day * 20 clients

Total Credits Consumed: 

Day 1: 4200

Day 2-30: 7200

Total Credits Used: 11400 (over your initial $12)


So for 20 clients, you will need to pay approximately $15 for the first month (11400 credits) and approximately $8 (7500 credits) for the subsequent month.


If you are charging even 1 client out of 20, at least $20, you are profitable. 


  1. What is cameratag and why do I need it? 

Cameratag is the underlying platform we have integrated with the handle the video reviews portion of the platform.  Other review management softwares also use cameratag, but they price it into their price per location per month fee.

  1. What if i dont want to use Datashake or Cameratag
    Our new system requires you to use datashake so we can pull in existing and new reviews for your clients.

    This is an easier way then having your clients connect there Google and Facebook account using the current system. All you need is the correct path to the profiles and Datashake will do the heavy lifting.

  2. I am moving away from Gradeus, Reviewshake, etc to avoid paying more monthly fees.  

Every other provider is charging you on a per location per month basis.  For example, if you have 10 locations, you would pay 10 x $50/month = $500.

With ReviewPanda, there is no per location charge.  We will be charging a flat rate of $99/month for platform access with unlimited locations. 

The connectivity with datashake and cameratag is on your agency level. So depending on the number of reviews and how often you are pulling reviews, the fee will be based on that.  

For example, if you have 10 locations, you may end up consuming $10 for the credits and API calls.  This is not a monthly fee, but a pay as you go fee.  

  1. What are your plans for ReviewPanda?

    We’ve spent a considerable amount of time building the infrastructure for ReviewPanda, and still have a lot more in our pipeline to build out.  

As of now, we are launching ReviewPanda Standard, which will be included for all existing Review Management snapshot holders. 

In the next few months, we also plan to release a more enhanced version called ReviewPanda Pro, which will be offered at a monthly fee.

We will have 2 plans for ReviewPanda

  1. ReviewPanda Standard (currently launched)

  2. ReviewPanda Pro (in development)

  1. Why do I have to pay for ReviewPanda Pro?

Simply because it costs time and money to continue to build out this platform.  When launched it will be priced at $197/month for an agency license.  This is not a per location/month price like all the other Review Management platforms.  

  1. What features will be included in ReviewPanda Pro?

  • Everything in ReviewPanda Standard

  • Review Response System (Integrated)

  • Social Sharing System (Integrated)

  • Lead Generation: Review Report Tool 

  • Agency Reporting 

  • Client Reporting

  • Resell ReviewPanda as a SaaS - Self Service Option

  • Agency Email Drip Sequences 

  • Expanded Widget selections

  • Fully automated Agency snapshot

    • Advanced Landing Page

    • Automated onboarding

    • Create your ORM package (Granular Options)

  • Multilocations (Integrated)