This page will contain a list of changes done to the Review Panda system as well as the associated Snapshot. 

If changes are made to the Snapshot, change details will be provided as well as if an update is required or just recommended.

v2.07 03/29/2021

  • Fixed missing logo issue on funnels.
  • Fixed opportunities cards issue with no-segmentation funnel.

  • Added tracking for review source click to faces, hearts, and thumbs funnel to update opportunities.

  • Added better popup for faces, hearts, and thumbs funnel.

  • Added an option in ReviewPanda backend to add a google source using place id.

  • Added an option in ReviewPanda backend to override click URL for google source.

v2.06 03/19/2021

  • Ability to add video funnels on review sites section
  • Added direct review funnel
  • Sorting of review sites
  • Fixed poster funnel QR Code issue.
  • Added foursquare review source
  • Fixed review approve and deny button bug
  • Fixed review totals calculation on the widget
  • Fixed amount of reviews shown on the widget
  • Added ability to manually edit location id and API of created sub-accounts
  • Added ability to use a google search query for google source

v2.05 03/16/2021

  • Updated Snapshot to fix SMS template link issues
  • Updated Snapshot to fix opportunity cards not displaying contact full name

v2.04 03/05/2021

  • Fixed Datashake Parsing delay issue.

v2.03 03/03/2021

  • Fixed Review Request Popup unexpected disappearance.
  • Fixed Totals on embed widgets 
  • Fixed loading and displaying reviews in the reviews list page within the Location Dashboard.

v2.02 02/19/2021

  • Fixed Sub-Account logo upload issue.
  • Renamed snapshot to: [Snapshot] ReviewPanda Standard
  • Fixed Trigger Setups in Email and SMS Templates
  • Fixed Campaign Values in Welcome Email
  • Fixed Campaign Values in Review Notification Email
  • Updated Opportunities to Not Duplicate
  • Added new onboarding videos

v2.01 02/01/2021

  • Fixed Sub-Account logo upload issue.