In the agency dashboard when you log in you will see this section:

Total Locations:

Is for the total number of locations that you have set up within the art promotion engine

Total Value generated:

Shows the total value generated across every single location that you have set up on

Total Promotions Created:

This shows total number of promotions you have setup across every single location

Total Contacts Created:

Every single user or contact or customer that gets issued a promotion and a coupon code, it will show up over here

Total Coupons issued:

This shows the total number of coupons that have been issued, sometimes one contact could have multiple coupons associated to them and therefore these numbers can differ

Total Redemptions:

This shows that out of the total amount of coupons that were issued, how many were redeemed

The list below these sections just shows the last 10 redemptions across all the locations