In this article we will add a promotion for a location.

  1. In your locations dashboard, go to promotions
  2. Click on Add Promotion
  3. Type a descriptive name for your promotion as this will show up in the redemption page
  4. The type field is for reference, it does not change how the promotion works
  5. The Expiry, you can set an expiration date here leaving it blank will cause the promotion to never expire
  6. The time zone should always be in sync with the locations local time zone

Custom Field

When you create a promotion highlevel automatically creates a custom field, and it's going to be based off of the name that you give it. However, if you want to use an existing custom field that you might have, and the purpose of this is that we are going to fill that custom field with the coupon code for that specific contact/ customer/ user. If you want to use an existing one you click on the custom field checkbox, and then you could choose existing and then this will bind this promotion to that custom field. 

Trigger Link

This will automatically generate a trigger link that can be used in your campaigns, in your workflows and in any type of conversations as well. If you need to send an automatic redemption link to the user this will automatically create a trigger link with the proper URL so that user can click on the link and automatically redeem the coupon that they have.

Customize Redemption Page

Overall you have one generic redemption page for your location, however, maybe for specific promotions you want to capture more information. You might want to capture a name or maybe email you might want to capture birthday. So that's what the customized redemption page allows you to do is override your global settings and maybe remove certain fields that you're trying to capture there or add in specific fields that you might want to capture.