Create a Form

  1. Go to Form Builder
  2. Click on create new form
  3. Name the form preferably same as the promotion
  4. Add fields you want to capture, Full Name and Email is recommended
  5. Click on save form 

Create a Workflow

  1. Go to automation
  2. Click on create workflow, select start form scratch
  3. Click on add workflow trigger 
  4. In workflow trigger select Form submitted
  5. Add a filter 'Form is' and select the form you just created and click save
  6. Click on + sign below the trigger and select webhook 
  7. Copy the webhook URL form your location's promotions tab in GHL promo engine
  8. Paste in the webhook action and click save
  9. Add a wait step for 1 minute
  10. Add an email action 
  11. In the message section type the message you want to send to your customer with the coupon code and the trigger link for the redemption page