In this article, we will walk you through the process of enabling the new Embeddable App. 

If you’re a GHL Experts-paid customer, log in to your GHL Experts account, access the ‘Embeddable App’ menu item in the side navigation bar, and copy the custom nav link. Please note if you had a custom menu link for support videos, then remove it.

Now, login to your High-Level account, access settings, and the custom menu link. Click create a new link and add the following:

  • Select Link Icon
  • Enter Link Title
  • Enter the URL (Paste the custom nav link)
  • Enable “Show link on Agency sidebar.”
  • Disable “Show link on Account sidebar.”
  • Enable “Open in iFrame inside the platform” or “open in a new tab” based on your preference. 
  • Click Save.

You can now access the new Embeddable App from your side navigation bar.