Watch our GHL Reboot Webinar held on July 14 2022.

Here are a few questions asked in the Q&A session. 

Embeddable App

Q: Are the experts embeddable apps by sub-acc?

A: Yes, the embeddable app is enabled at the agency level and then can be allowed for sub-accounts. 

Review Engine

Q: Will LinkedIn eventually be added to Automated Social Sharing?

A: Currently, this is not in our pipeline, but if we see a significant demand for it, we’ll be happy to add it to our development pipeline.

Q: Is there a charge for Reviews Engine only?

A: There is no separate price for Reviews Engine; you just pay for our monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership and get access to all our products. 

Q: What would you charge for reviews?

A: You can charge $100 p/month for this service as an agency. 

Q: Will this be tied into our GHL acc?

A: Yes, you’ll add our Embeddable App via a custom link to your HighLevel account and get access to all our tools. 

Q: When will the Review Engine be launched?
A: Review Engine will be launched towards the end of July. We are in the testing phase right now. 

Q: Is this a snapshot or a subaccount?

A: It’s a snapshot and a separate software you will use. It’s more like our software bridging with HighLevel and many other features. 

Q: Do you need to be on the GHL SaaS plan for this?

A: No, you don’t need to. However, some features are only required if you are a SaaS-based agency, mainly automation, so if you need those, you need to be on the SaaS plan. 

Q: Is there a built-in checker for disconnected FB accounts much like GHL launched?

A: Yes, this is in our development pipeline, so if there are any disconnections, the system will notify you.

Q: Do you have start-to-end videos? I want to learn how to set this up, what goes into 'my' account, and what goes into sub-accounts.

A: Yes, we are building white-label videos so you’ll have access to all “How to” videos to use our products. 

Q: Can you show us 'how' they look/work/are used?

A: Yes, we will release updates regarding our review widget builder on Facebook, so stay tuned. 

Q: Referral as in requesting referrals post review?

A: Yes, these could also be tied into the promotions engine. 

Q: When will the auto-setup be launched?

A: This is in our development pipeline right now; we will be releasing this along with the coming soon features in the next two months. 

Q: What 3rd party fees are required for the Review Engine? e.g., monitoring and advising of new reviews posted on review sites?

A: If you want to pull reviews from multiple sources, you’ll need a Datashake API key, you purchase a block of credits, and you use it as you go. We are looking into directly integrating platforms. 

Q: How do we claim the one-month free reviews snapshot?

A: Once you sign up for our monthly package, you get 30 days free so that you can test everything out, and then you’ll be charged from next month onwards. If you want to discontinue, you can cancel the membership within 30 days. 

Q: Can we answer reviews from opentable or others directly from GHL reviews as we do now for Google and FB? 

A: Yes, you can easily do that. 

Promotions Engine

Q: How can I track redemptions?

A: Users who are issued a coupon code get sent to them via email or SMS. They can click the link and redeem a coupon when they show up at a location. 

Q: Are you going to build a loyalty program into the restaurant engine?

A: Yes, we are; it is in our development pipeline. This will most likely be launched in Q4. 

Q: Is there a way to send offers based on how much someone's spent?

A: We don’t have this currently built into the system, but we have developed the engine to make this happen easily. 

Q: I'd like early access - I've already set up the restaurant snapshot - do I need to reset it with this new update?

A: Drop us a message at, and we’ll help you with the setup process. 

Q: Is it possible to have a setting that only sends a coupon if the customer is within a certain radius of the business?

A: Right now, we don’t have this feature, but if you need this, please send us a message via 

White-Label Support Engine

Q: Can you customize it further by including some of our videos?

A: This feature is in the pipeline and will be launched during Q3 of 2022. You’ll be able to upload your articles and videos to the support engine. 

Q: How does your support engine compare to HLProTools' $200/mo plan?

A: HLProTools provides chat support which we are looking to add but apart from that, our Support Engine is pretty close.

Q: Can you elaborate on the intercom chat? Is that an internal team chat?

A: No, the intercom chat is more like an intercom UI used for our support widget.

Q: What's the timeline for chat support?
A: We’re currently doing a survey, and we will be able to provide an update regarding this towards the end of Q3.

Q: Will there be an additional charge for chat support?

A: We aren’t sure right now, but it seems likely that there may be an additional charge due to the human cost associated with it. However, we’ll make sure that it’s affordable. 

Q: Will other items be added automatically if I add the white-label support engine?

A: In the management dashboard, if you have a category disabled and if we add an article to that category, then it won’t be counted. However, new articles and videos will be automatically added if a category is enabled. In addition, we will be adding the ability for you to manually approve new additions to the support engine or automatically add them, but this will be in a future update. 

General Questions

Q: Do you have any updates on Surveys, Funnels, forms, and Dashboard customizers?

A: We are building out an extensive list of surveys and funnels and will conduct a webinar for it. Regarding the Dashboard customizer, we haven’t seen significant demand from our community, but if you want us to customize your dashboard, we can do that for a one-time fee. Please reach out to us via

Q: Are your products powered by your servers or GHL’s?

A: Our products are powered by our servers. 

Q: Will the naming convention be improved for your products? Especially the snapshot and forms?

A: Yes, we have revamped our naming structure and will continue using the same moving forward. 

Q: Will your products be integrated into GHL’s mobile app? 

A: No, there is a limitation with GHL’s mobile app, but if in the future GHL enables this, then we can make our products accessible via the app. 

Q: I have an old GHL account; where do I go to log in?

A: You can log in to your account at

Q: What’s the price for becoming a member of GHL Experts?

A: You can purchase any of our packages, i.e., Monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership. You can also become a free member, but you won’t get access to our products, just our CSS and scripts. 

Q: Do lifetime members need to pay anything else for your future products?

A: No, you don’t need to pay anything else for our future products if you’re a lifetime member. 

Q: How can current affiliates access your products?

A: Please reach out to us via, and we’ll take care of that. 

Q: Are there any hidden charges or upgrades aside from the base membership fee?

A: No, there are no hidden charges or upgrades apart from our membership packages. 

Q: I am already a lifetime member. I am looking for help with set-up and deploying your products and support services for clients. Is this something you offer?

A: We provide essential level support, but if it's something custom, we can give you a one-time quote. Please reach out to us via

Q: I have several GHL Agency instances - will the lifetime give me access to all of my GHL agency accounts?

A: Please reach out to us via