To access Reviews Engine, you’ll need our Embeddable App enabled. To do that, login to your account on

Once you login, click ‘Embeddable App’ in the side navigation as shown in the screenshot below:

Once you’re there, copy your custom nav link as shown below:

Then, go to your settings in your HighLevel account and click ‘Custom Menu Link’. 

Click on ‘Create New’ and add your custom link with the following details:

Icon: Whichever you prefer

Title: GHLE Dashboard

URL: Paste your Custom Nav Link 

Open Mode: iframe

Show on: Agency

Accounts to Show: N/A

Once you’ve added the custom menu link, you can go back to your main menu and see the Embeddable App. 

Now you can access the Embeddable App and checkout all the Engines available.

From here you can enable the ‘Reviews Engine’.

Upon enabling it you’ll see it accessible from the top navigation.