Once you have Reviews Engine enabled, access it via the top navigation. If you haven’t enabled the Reviews Engine, please follow the instructions here (link to How to enable Reviews Engine). 

Once you’re in Reviews Engine you’ll have three options to access:

  • Dashboard

  • Sub-account

  • Agency Settings

Click on Agency Settings and add the following:

  • HighLevel API Key

    • This is a default key if you have a HighLevel Agency account. If you don’t have an agency account then don’t enter anything. 

  • Review Engine Snapshot

    • If you are using a HighLevel Agency account then select the Reviews Engine Snapshot from the dropdown. 

  • DataShake API

    • You’ll need to subscribe to DataShake separately to get an API key. This is optional but it opens up the ability to pull reviews from additional platforms. 

Once you’ve added the above details, click on ‘Sub-accounts’ and click on ‘Load to sub-account’. 

Add the following information:

  • Company Name

  • Location ID

    • You can find this on your settings page

  • Location API

    • You can find this on your settings page

  • Review Notifications’ Email Address

    • Enter your email address here where you want to receive emails whenever a review is submitted using Reviews Engine. Also, checkmark the ‘Receive Review Notifications’ box. 

Once done, click on ‘Add’. 

Once the sub-account is added, click on ‘View/Configure’ to access your sub-account.