How to setup the snapshot

In this article we’ll show you how can setup the snapshot for Reviews Engine. You can import the snapshot from here

Go to Settings and then click Custom Values. Over here you’d want to add the following:

  • Access Key

  • Callback Key

  • Location Access Code

  • Reviews Notification Email

If you’ve already added these then ignore this step. 

In order to setup the snapshot, please make sure that you have your domain setup and the funnel page published. 

You can find our funnel pages by clicking the Sites menu item in the side navigation and then Funnels from the top menu. 

All of our funnels will be listed under Funnels Library 2.0. Once there you can check out all the pages and review them before publishing. 

To understand the review engine snapshot’s funnel page, checkout the video above where Shaw goes into details about the capabilities of this funnel template. However, in a nutshell every funnel page has the following:

Opt-In page

Upsell page

Thank you page

Unsubscribe page

Once you’re happy with the funnel page, go into Settings. 

Select your Domain from the dropdown. Once, you have it setup copy all of the funnel page links and page them in their respective fields in Custom Values.