Upon accessing the Reviews Engine, click on Sub-accounts from the top navigation menu. 

Then click on ‘View/Configure’ for the sub-account you want to build the widget and click on ‘Widgets’.

In this section, you’ll see all of the widgets you’ve built so far. To build a new widget, click on ‘Create new widget’.

Now, add in the settings and info of your widget. 

  1. Enter the widget's name.

  2. Select the sources you want to pull reviews from.

  3. Select the widget type. You can select each one and browse through the style of the widget to select one. 

  4. Select the number of reviews you want to display. 

  5. Select the minimum rating of the reviews you want to display. If you select five stars, only reviews with five stars from the source you selected earlier will be pulled into the widget. 

  6. Select the sort by parameter. This has two options, date and random. 

  7. Checkmark the ‘Display date’ and/or ‘Exclude reviews containing no description’ if you want to exclude them, don’t checkmark the boxes if you want to include those variables. 

Once you have your settings in place, click on appearances.

In this section, you can change the overall look and feel of the widget through each customizable option or select from the pre-defined themes available. 

Once done, click save. Now, you’ll be able to see the widget in your list as shown below:

Click on the menu option to either edit, copy embed code or delete the widget. 

Click on ‘Embed Code’ and copy the code. 

Now paste the embed code in any of your landing pages and the widget will populate.