Upon accessing the Reviews Engine, click on Sub-accounts from the top navigation menu. 

Then click on ‘View/Configure’ for the sub-account you want to setup Review Profiles for and click Review Profiles in the top navigation. 

Now, select the profile you want to setup. By default, the Reviews Engine provides Google and Facebook, but for all other platforms, you’ll need to add your Datashake API to the Sub-account. 

To setup Facebook (Google’s process is very similar to this), click on ‘Add’ and then authorize your account by logging in with your Facebook account (or Google, whichever you’re setting up). 

Once your account is authorized, add in the Facebook page name or the second half of your page’s URL. For example: 

FB page URL is https://facebook.com/ghlexperts, so we’ll add ghlexperts in the text field. 

Once you’ve added the source, you’ll be brought back to the initial screen of your review profile setup, and you’ll see the profile you’ve just setup as now integrated into the review engine. 

For platforms apart from Google and Facebook, you’ll need to add your DataShake API key to your sub-account in order to integrate additional platforms. The method of integration is within each platform. So, once you’ve added your DataShake API key, click ‘Add’ on any platform and you’ll find the instructions on how to add your page underneath the text field.