Can we automate adding Review Engine to existing HL sub-account AND as part of new sub-account?

This can be done with HL's API and Zapier. We are working on a recipe right now and will be sharing a video tutorial in the future to demonstrate how you can accomplish this.

Are reports built into this to send clients?

Reporting is a feature in our pipeline and during Q4 we will hopefully be launching it.

Will CSV imports automatically remove spaces before and after data points to avoid upload errors?

Yes, this is currently in the pipeline and will be implemented.

Is there a SOP for VA to follow?

Yes, the Review Engine documentation (user-guides) and the webinar are good reference points for any VA.

Can we add more than one email for notification? 

Currently, adding multiple emails isn't a feature.

What's the benefit of searching for a Google or Facebook business vs connecting your account?

The benefit of connecting your account is to have the ability to reply to reviews. You can still search for Google and Facebook business page using DataShake but you won't be able to reply to reviews.

If the login details change for the account will it break the API connection for additional review sites?

Yes, if the connection breaks the system will send you a notification.

Will there be a way for our clients to connect their accounts?

Yes, this is part of RAAS (Reviews as a service), we will be implementing this in the future. Stay tuned.

Do you have a way for a client to bulk upload customers to send review requests to?

Yes, this is a feature in our pipeline.

Is there a way to show reviews on a small pop-up style widget (think Proof or FOMO) on the client website?

Yes, pop-up review is available to all clients. You can login to your GHL Experts dashboard and use the script.

On the funnel pages what CAN we edit and should NOT edit?

The funnel pages aren't editable. This is to manage HL updates. In the past we've experienced that when HL pushes new updates, it breaks the funnel pages so this way we can manage updates from our end.

What is the best practice for updating existing Review Panda setups to Rview Engine?

Review Panda and Review Engine are very different in terms of the features they both offer. So, there is no way to update Review Panda to Review Engine. We recommend to continue using Review Panda for your existing clients but for new clients use Review Engine.

Is the Review Engine available to use now or is it still in Beta?

It's available to use right now but we are fixing a couple of bugs so if you come across any issues please feel free to send us a ticket via