1. Add contacts manually through Optin page

Inside funnels, under the Funnel Library 2.0 is the Optin page: 

Open the Optin page and fill out the details in the form shown below:

Once all the details are filled, check the box and send the review request. The contact will be added to the Review Request Workflow.

2. Upload bulk contacts and drip out contacts

Inside the contacts section, click on the import contacts button:

Select the list to be uploaded and make sure to add a tag so that you can create a smart list, after the list is uploaded create a smart list based on the tag you have added. Select at least 10 contacts and click on the add to campaign/workflow button:

And select the [RMS] Review Request Workflow from the drop down menu

Be sure to select 'Add in drip mode', that way contacts can be added one after the other with a delay in between.

Select the date and time when you want to start the Bulk Action:

After the selection of the date and time, Batch Quantity is the amount of contacts to be added after the delay. In the case below, one contact will be added after every minute. Make sure to select the day of week that you have set in the calendar and the process hours:

Make sure to drip the contacts if you have selected more than 5 contacts. And do not drip more than 50 contacts a week for optimal results.