The most effective method to Make a Blog

If you're new to writing for a blog, or on the other hand, if you need to begin your own blog yet don't have any idea where to start, this article will help you with getting everything rolling.

Step 1: Create a Blog Post 

Go to the sub-account and open sites from the menu bar:

Click on the blog on the top menu.

here is the overview of blogs, total blog posts published blog and visitors/week.

Click on a new post to create it.

In the pop up you can enter the title of the blog post, the cover image, the Alt text of the cover image, and the post description.

After the details are added click on Create Post

Add the content for your blog entry utilizing the supervisor toolbar

  1. You can set add styles with strong, italics, underline, strikethrough text, text styles, styles, size
  2. You can add an indent, number rundown, bulleted list, or daily agenda
  3. You can add tone and feature
  4. You can add an image(s), video(s), audio(s), from the Media Library and YouTube and embed hyperlinks
  5. You can add statements for explicit substance
  6. You can clear a particular configuration or arrangement of everything

You can add custom CSS.

You can use the drop-down options to duplicate the blog post, preview it, see the version history and delete the current post

After the edits are made click on continue, which will take you to Publish or Schedule.

Now you can perform the following steps:

  1. Edit the URL slug for the blog post
  2. Define a category for the blog post
  3. You can add keywords for better S E O, and author

If you do not have a category created, click on add new category

and a pop-up appears where you can add the category label, category image, Alt text, category URL slug, and description as well as an image if you need to:

After entering the details for the category, click on add new category, You can now select the newly created category.

If you want to make the blog publish then click on Publish and also select the Publish date and save it.

You can see the published blog post. Clicking here and open actions which show the drop-down menu, to update, duplicate post, copy, archive, or change the SEO details of the blog post. You can also delete the post from here.

Go to the blog settings:

this opens the settings page, where you can add authors and categories.

Embed the blog post into the website or funnels:

If you want to embed the blog post into the website or funnels follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website builder.
  2. Click on websites
  3. Open a selected website where you want to add a blog.

Now open "Test Blog". Click on the plus icon below an element section, to add a new element. Select the blog post list elemen.

A template for the blog post list will be added, the blog content will be replaced with actual post content on the published page.

Click on Save, and then preview the page.