In this article, we'll cover how to enable and disable time zone in the CRM.

If you need to enable/disable “Time Zone”, please review the following steps to ensure you set up the timezone correctly. 

This video contains the importance of contact timezone, location timezone, and how timezone effect appointment reminders. There are the following steps, such as:

1. Open a sub-account with admin access.

2. Go to the settings and open the business profile.

3. Disable the contact timezone.

4. Go to the contacts, Select any contact from the list.

5. Click on any contact, and Go to general Info.

6. Click on the timezone option in general info. and select or change the timezone from the contact

How the timezone affects the appointments:

 1. So, go to the calenders and open the calender.

2. Set the appointment according to the required timezone.

How to disable timezone and how it reflects on appointments and campaigns:

1. Go to the business profile, and enable the option to disable the contact Timezone.

2. Now open the calendar and see there is no option to select the appointment according to the timezone.

Workflow and Campaigns:

Timezone is an important feature of CRM so it also affects on workflows and campaigns. It will send a message according to the client's selected timezone if the contact timezone is enabled but if the contact timezone is disabled it will send messages according to the sender's timezone.