In this article, we'll see how to check your audit log and real-time event communication. So, let's get started

There are a couple of different ways to see the audit log. Such as:

1. So the first being go ahead and click on Agency view.

2. Second step is click on settings.

3. In settings go to the audit log and click on it.

4. Now  you can see a lot of extremely fascinating things including Users' added and Deleted accounts updated.

5. If you want to select logs with specific date and time, you can filter on Date and time.

6. In date and time filter you can choose from following options. Such as..,  today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, and last 60 days.

7. So other thing is refresh if you want to refresh the audit log you can do it by clicking on refresh       option.

8. You can filter on Module, and select All, users, Account, Location Note, Billing, Location Task, LC Communication, WordPress, Agency, Company, SaaS.

9. You can also filter on Actions. There are following option in this filter. Such as., all, created, updated, or deleted.

10. You can filter on Done by. Then all either users or accounts can even search by document ID here.

11. If you want to clear all filters click the little X button to remove the filter. Then close that out and it'll reset back to normal.

Sub-Account Audit Log:

Same for sub-account, If you just want to see what happened, what one user or another user did, it will show you that as well. Then you're also going to be able to see the audit logs within each account.

1. So if you go to the sub account and click on Settings.

2. then click on audit logs.

3. you should be able to see going forward what happens to this account, through real-time event communication which includes name, module, actions, done by, date & time.

4. There is also an option to view details. Click on three dots and open view details option.

5. and see all details which have been added or updated in sub-account or agency.