In this article, we give you a full overview of the Affiliates in Affiliate Manager and what everything does. So, let's get started:

There are following steps in Affiliates module in GHL crm to create or update the affiliates under affiliate manager. Such as:

So first of all go to the sub account in which you want to add affiliates.

Secondly click on "Marketing" option in a sidebar menu.


Thirdly  go to the "Affiliate Manager"  and select "Affiliates".

So now you can see the affiliates module.


In this affiliate module you have different ways to add affiliates. So click on Add.

After clicking on Add you can see you have 3 ways to add affiliate. So select first one "New Affiliate".

After clicking on add new affiliate, a pop-up opens on the screen.

Now add all information like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Industry, and the website

and click on add affiliate button to save the affiliate.

 affiliate is added successfully.

The next option is to import affiliates if you have a lot of affiliates to add into a CRM. You can import all of them in a few seconds. Click on add and select upload affiliates

so here you can upload a file or also drag a file into the pop-up and after uploading map your columns and upload successfully

If you want to import affiliates from contacts use the import from contacts option. Click on add and select the import from contacts option.

So here a contact list is open you can select contacts to create an affiliates.

The next option is to export if you want to export all affiliates. Click on this down arrow and you will get a file of all affiliates.

If you want to submit a feedback, click on submit feedback 

After clicking on "Submit Feedback" button a form is open, now enter your feedback and send a message.

In Affiliates module we have a lot of amazing options. In this affiliate section, you can search affiliates by name and email.

In this section, You can also apply filters. So, click on "Filters" and you will see two options in it "Campaign" and "Status"

If you want to edit or change the status of the affiliate. click on three dots.

and now you can edit affiliates and make them active/inactive.